Teaching the Living to Help the Dead™

Our books and new tools provided on this website are the devices we use to teach everyone how to help the dead.

. . . And why must we help them?

Because there is no love, warmth, hope or light in the 4th dimension. There is only cold eternity. We must help the dead to find the healing, renewal and soul restoration of the 5th dimensional Heaven World that they can never find living as a ghost in the 4th dimension.

Teaching the Living to help the dead is our passion.

We have listened to countless ghost stories, and learned that these souls need help. This is no different than someone who gets lost while driving to a new location. Sometimes you need to give them directions. Since we learned how to help the dead we are now passionate about sharing that knowledge with anyone with a genuine desire to help any ghost.

Please use these tools to help any soul, any where you find them to find the love and light of the Heaven World. This will be the compassion you will want for yourself and someone you love.