Teaching the Living to Help the Dead®

Tina and Laura talk to the dead. Over the past few decades they have learned so much from the stories the dead have told them. Then they do one more thing: They cross them over. They never, ever let a ghostly soul languish in the 4th dimension.

This dynamic duo have taken what they learned and are now sharing this information with you.

. . . And why must we help them?

Look at it this way, would you want to be in a place where there is no love, warmth, hope or light in the 4th dimension? There is only the cold of eternity. We all must help the dead to find the healing, renewal and soul restoration of the 5th dimensional Heaven World that they can never find living as a ghost in the 4th dimension.

Teaching the Living to help the dead is our passion.

We have listened to countless ghost stories and learned that these souls need help.

Many times they are simply lost, not knowing what to do. Have you ever been lost in a new city and needed a kind soul to give you directions?  Simply put, it is no different for that ghostly soul. Since we learned how to help the dead we are now passionate about sharing that knowledge with anyone who has a genuine desire to help any ghost.

Sometimes they do not even know that they have died and need guidance. This is where we come in. We help guide them and now we are sharing this vital information with you!

This website is full of information to help you to help them. This is also the compassion you would want for yourself. No one wants to be hunted, and that includes the dead!

You can also watch us live on Facebook every Thursday at 4 pm PST HERE.

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Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View, Trilogy

We have all heard ghost stories, but have you ever heard the ghosts' stories? These books are filled with their heartfelt stories of sorrow and sadness, joy and gratitude. Find out what it's like to be dead and what it's like when they finally cross over! You will never be the same after reading these books!

What Happens When We Die?

Can we live a mortal life and never ask this question? Tina poignantly answers this question in a very personal and touching way that will fill you with hope and a greater level of understanding, taking away the fear you may have. This may be the best three and a half minutes you spend today!

The Karmic Path Courses

These courses are the intersection of psychology and spirituality™. Listen and learn as Tina and Laura lay down the logic trails and tools of walking your spiritual path with courage and confidence. Join their powerful online and on demand classes as they explain the physics of metaphysics: how karma, spiritual law, and psychic ability all combine to awaken the Light of the Divine in all of us. Sign up today! It's fast and easy!