Why Would You Cross Over Murderers?

Do you really want murderers haunting you?

Why would anyone want to help a murderer get into the Heaven World?

Isn’t hell where he or she belongs?

Don’t we want the terrible weight of judgment to fall upon them, so that they can be punished?

What’s the point? Why would anyone even consider this?

People, who commit murder, usually do so, life after life, after life, after life. The people they murder are linked to them again, life after life in a horrific pattern of insanity.

At what point is this cycle broken?

When you cross over murder victims using The Crossing Over Prayer and The Crossing Over Prayer for a Murdered Loved One, you instantly free them from their murderers, forever severing that karmic tie, that horrific pattern. Now these victims can be victims no more, they can receive the love and hope, the healing and counsel that he or she can only receive in the Heaven World.

But who is freeing the murderers from their part in this karmic pattern?

When we say the 23rd Psalm, one of the lines of this powerful prayer is that once you have crossed over, God restores your soul (He restoreth my soul.) When someone eternally resides in the Lower Astral, the 4th Dimension of ghosts and demons, lower realm intelligences and black magicians, he or she becomes a pawn of these dark beings, eternally doing their bidding as more and more of their original soul is sliced away until there is nothing left that would define them as human.

The humanity that describes each of us, that enables us to be kind, compassionate, loving, caring, and feeling is slowly but surely stripped away from this murderous soul and he or she now experiences nothing when they reincarnate. They are dead inside. Their eyes are vacant of life, hope, and normal human emotion. The only way they can experience anything is by watching the terror they create in their victims. They are, themselves, powerless victims of their own dark world puppeteers and they are given a false sense of power over those they murder in mortal life.

The energy of fear and horror that they create by murdering people, energetically feeds these dark lower astral beings. If there weren’t a reason for murder, it wouldn’t happen. Time to cut off their food supply.

How wonderful it would be to deny these dark beings access to their murdering puppets of the underworld. When you use The Crossing Over Prayer and you bring in angels to remove these murderers, you perform tremendous, powerful acts of spiritual service:

  1. You instantly free their murder victims from any further connection or tethering to them.
  2. You immediately sever the connection these murderers have to their underworld controllers.
  3. No more of their murderous souls will be shaved off.
  4. They can be returned to the Heaven World so that their souls can be restored and the process of atonement for their horrific acts can finally begin.

The karma these souls have created, by committing murder is not erased by moving them into the Heaven World. That karma has to be worked out; has to be addressed and atoned for. But that karmic balance will never take place as long as that vacant soul languishes in the 4th dimension eternally at the bidding of some dark, evil being.

You will have broken the karmic cycle for the living and the dead, for possibly centuries to come. This is the supreme power of spiritual service: this is the greatest good.

Cross over the murderers using The Crossing Over Prayer, available on GhostHelpers.com and TinaErwin.com

Ghost Talk by Tina Erwin.

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