Why Does The Crossing Over Prayer Work?

    Perhaps this is the most fascinating element of the prayer of all.

You don’t have to believe in ghosts for this prayer to work.

You don’t have to be a psychic to have it work.

You don’t have to be a medium to have it work.

   You don’t have to have any psychic ability at all to make it work.

You don’t have to believe it will work – it works anyway.

You don’t have to be of any particular faith to have it work.

You can be an atheist and it will still work.

You don’t have to say it out loud.

Saying it as a silent prayer works just fine.

So, why does the prayer work?

It works because a pure act of service by a mortal person for any ghost elevates the person performing the service to a higher spiritual level – whether the person believes in this or not.

Any pure act of service becomes a light beacon in the 4th dimension, or The Valley of the Shadow of Death. Ghosts can see this warming, welcoming, hopeful, astonishing beacon.

This beacon then opens a door, or Light Bridge to the Heaven World. The more ghosts who find this Light Bridge the greater the spiritual service.

Requesting the presence and actions of angels uplifts any location, further enhancing this growing, glowing, beaming light. When the angels are directed to wrap each soul in a blanket of healing light, the ghost finds that their pain is gone, their guilt disappears, the penetrating cold of the 4th dimension leaves them and the power of hope fills all the recesses of their souls.

Sending love and healing without judgment or prejudice, offering the removal of guilt removes the shackles of emotional pain or torture from the soul which instantly lifts them up to be embraced by the light of the Divine.

There is no time in the 4th dimension. What energizes the prayer, are the words right now, because without the time anchoring words right now, there is no way for the angelic beings to know when these actions for any soul are to take place.

Photography by Tina Erwin

Written by Tina Erwin

Photography of the lake by Muckross Castle, Ireland by Tina Erwin. All rights reserved.

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