Where Do You Use The Crossing Over Prayer?

    You can use The Crossing Over Prayer anywhere you go.

Here are some additional examples of where people have used this powerful prayer:

  • A friend stopped by a police station and used the prayer as she was sitting waiting to talk to an officer about a situation in her neighborhood.
  • One woman used it in a hospital and felt that she was helping all those who had died in that building.
  • Another very psychic person also used it in a hospital and found that the dead stopped bombarding her whenever she visited a sick friend.
  • Visiting a hospice center, nursing home or rehab center? Take a copies of the prayer with you. Many people leave this world in these places and you can help them by leaving a card there to help them to cross over.
  • Carry copies of the prayer on airplanes. Did you know that many airlines use equipment from crashed airliners as spare parts? Makes me wonder how many ghosts are attached to those truly traumatized ‘spare parts.’
  • Visiting a cemetery – pretty logical, but it’s important to cover the obvious – carry a card with you and leave it behind.
  • Funeral homes – again an obvious and important place to use the prayer.
  • Traveling? Anywhere you go, you will find people who have perished there so bringing cards or our luggage tags with you will be of enormous value.
  • One man from Amsterdam visits World Wars I and II battlefield sites and graveyard locations and leaves prayer cards there as well.
  • Use them just running errands around your town, leaving them in a variety of locations.
  • Many conscientious teens leave them around their high school, or a college. Makes you wonder how many fewer teen accidents and suicides might take place if the current ghosts from those places were crossed over.
  • Prisons or detention facilities are a great place to leave these cards if you have the unfortunate need to be there.
  • Any battlefields, including urban ones, or places that have experienced any mass shooting, bombing or catastrophe will feel a bit less negative if the ghosts of victims past are transitioned into the Heaven World.
  • Haunted houses always benefit from these cards. It is preferable to laminate them if they are going to be in the elements.
  • Use them in your own home to keep it free of souls who may be attracted to your energy.
  • Place them in your child’s bedroom, backpack or car seat, especially if your child is frequently harassed by ghosts.

The bottom line is that you can use these cards almost anywhere to clear a space.  http://www.cafepress.com/ghosthelpers

Written by Tina Erwin

Photography of Wupatki Ruins by Tina Erwin. All rights reserved.

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