What is the Best Action to Take When You Die?

   In the best of all possible scenarios, you will know that death is approaching. You may even see the Angel of Death in the room with you. If you have such awareness, ask for angels of Transition to escort you to the Heaven World.

Once you leave your body, even before the Silver Cord is cut, again, have the presence of mind to request Angels of Transition to stand by to escort you across that Light Bridge that awaits you.

Look for those angels after you leave your body and embrace the opportunity to have their assistance to cross over into the Heaven World.

What if you are guilty for the life you lived in this life?

What if you did or said something that you feel has created guilt within you that cause you to feel unworthy of the angels much the light. Ask anyway.

If your religion tells you that you were born in sin and that you will die in sin: ask anyway. God will offer you a different view.

Suppose you were responsible for the death of another person: ask anyway for that angel to off you a passage to insight, learning, and understanding of your actions.

Were you so depressed that you killed yourself? Ask anyway. You will be astounded by the compassion that is offered to all of us no matter how we die, how we lived or our successes or challenges.

Consider keeping a Crossing Over Prayer card with you at all times. Such a simple, humble tool to help throughout your life.

We will need this angelic support. How can we make sense of our successes and mistakes if we do not have divine assistance to understand the life just lived? We will never receive this type of help in the 4th dimension. Embrace the power and glory, the love and compassion of the Heaven World. Our life everlasting will be infinitely better for having made this crucial transition.

Written by Tina Erwin

Photography of Monument Valley by Tina Erwin, All Rights Reserved.

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