When a person dies and they do not cross over, that soul energy becomes a ghost. They no longer have the physical shell called the human body. (This applies to animals as well.) The energy/vibration/frequency of a ghost is low. The low frequency of a ghost echoes out. If you have a ghost ‘living’ with you, you may find yourself with plumbing problems, electrical issues, or health issues.

The reason is because they are trapped between Heaven and Earth, in the 4th dimension. The 23rd Psalm talks about this. And so does every holy text! When a person dies, they need to cross over into Heaven so that they have access to soul restoration, counseling, and a review of the life they just lived. When that ghost is crossed over into Heaven, then their energy or vibration is raised as a part of the healing process.

Transition into the Heaven World helps the living for these critical reasons:

  • When ghosts haunt the living, even unintentionally, they can put the living in resonance with the method of death of the person who died. For example, if you have a loved one who died of breast cancer and they do not cross over, the living loved one(s) is in resonance with that very cancer that killed them. That same resonance can transfer to you. It makes one wonder how ‘hereditary’ certain illnesses are.
  • Crossing over a loved one severs attachment and facilitates the grief process. When the ghost of a loved one is with you, your grief does not end. Your subconscious knows that this person is still there and it makes moving forward very difficult.
  • The living benefit from the courage of allowing a loved one to seemingly leave them again by crossing over but the energy of love never dies.
  • Assisting the dead is the compassion you would want for yourself. The life of a ghost is generally a cold, dark and confusing state for that soul.

Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne