What happens when you die?

Do you know this answer?

If you don’t know this answer, you are not alone. Most people have no idea what the mechanics of dying are.

The irony is that we are all going to experience this process. So it is a great idea to understand the mechanics of how it works now.

The process is identical for all of us, no matter the method of death, the location or our age at death. The vital heat begins to leave our body. It is often at this point that either hours or seconds before death, that the soul exits the body and observes his or her body lying where it is going to be when death finally comes.

The soul realizes that he can still feel emotion, love, and pain but not as severely as when he inhabited that mortal body.

The soul can travel with the speed of thought and instantly is standing beside anyone who crosses his mind. He ‘pings’ among friends and family members, returning to his body and alternating between disbelief and grief at seeing his dead mortal frame. He thinks of all things he saw and experienced in this life and the days, experiences and hopes he will never see again.

Then he realizes that he does not understand where he is, what he is supposed to do or what happens next.

He tries to ask a mortal person, a living person, a loved one, but no one can hear him.

There is no one to ask as he watches with dread and despair as a sooty darkness begins to envelope him. Welcome to the 4th dimension: a land of no time, no space and no gravity. Welcome to Valley of the Shadow of Death. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help you at this point? He may or may not see a bright white light but he is unsure what to do when he sees it. Who will he ask?

Tina Erwin Laura Van Tyne