Travel with the Speed of Thought

What is the speed of thought?

When you operate outside of a mortal body, you are not encumbered by the physicality of a mortal, physical frame. The bit of energy that is you, that has always defined you can move from person to person. All you have to do is to think of them and instantly you are standing in front of that person, a memorable location or with a precious ‘thing’ like a car, an airplane, piece of jewelry or even a beloved animal.

You travel with the speed of thought in each of those moments. As your mind races throughout all of the amazing people, places and things that defined your life, you ricochet among each of them, pinging off of one and then moving on to the next. Friends and family members often are just sure that a loved one visited them if only briefly.

But they cannot prove it. They cannot say for sure that you were there with them. All they can do is feel your energy, your essence like a wisp of wind that brushes their cheek and lingers in front of them. You will stand there, watching them, remembering an embrace, the smell of their cooking, or how your child smelled when she was freshly bathed and ready for bed. Your dog will bark at empty air as you reach out to pet his soft head one last time.

One last time. Let it be one last time as you say your good buys and you prepare to make your final journey in this life back home, home to the Heaven World, back to the wise advice of the Counselors of Divine Wisdom and the comfort of the light of the Divine.

Yes, you can travel that fast but just as readily move forward with your soul evolution and transition into the Heaven World and allow your loved ones to grieve you and to heal. It is an act of great compassion for the living, something you can still do for them.

Written by Tina Erwin

Antelope Canyon Photography by Tina Erwin, All Rights Reserved.

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