It’s time to dispel some myths about sage. Sage has a long and rich history of being used medicinally and in foods. As Tina says, “It’s great for sausages and ceremonies.”

In ancient Rome, people used sage to help with digestion, ulcers, sore throats and to help stop the bleeding of wounds. The Chinese use it to help treat colds, liver and kidney issues, memory problems and typhoid fever. Native Americans used it in ceremonies by burning or ‘smudging’ an area to promote healing. Egyptians used it in healing practices, much like the Romans and Chinese.

None of these cultures ever used it to ‘rid areas of ghosts or other dark entities’. Why? Because that has never been it’s intended use.

All of these cultures have used sage in their foods. But again, it was never intended to remove a ghost or dark entity. It simply does not have the spiritual horsepower to do that. And if sage really did remove a ghost or a dark entity, where did sage send it to? And when the smoke clears, then what?

How did sage become the ‘go to’ for ghost removal or removal of other entities?

Honestly, we have no idea where this myth originated from. But we do know that the dark side counts on many people to drink this Kool-Aid!

We do know that one tablespoon of dried sage contains vitamin K, folate, calcium, iron, manganese, a myriad of B vitamins and other health promoting components. Science has also determined that sage does help with memory. However, since ghosts do not have a physical body, it’s not much of a help to them.

Understanding the Physics

When someone burns or smudges sage, they are burning a bundle of dried, crispy leaves from a shrub. If you look at the structure of a shrub, its easy to break or break through. It’s not deeply grounded.

What does work? Burning a pure resin from a high frequency tree. Why? Because it’s a frequency thing. A resin is the sap, or life force of a tree. No one ever asks why the Christ Child was gifted Frankincense or Myrrh. Gold makes sense, right? The reason is it’s all about frequency. The higher we can raise our frequency baseline, the wiser we become.

If you feel or sense a presence, start by playing The Crossing Over Prayer to help cross over any ghosts that may be with you or in your space.