The Silver Cord

Right before we die, we go through a process of dying even if it is sudden. Our vital heat begins to leave our body. Sometimes we fall into unconsciousness and we slip out of our body and stand by that frame and look back upon the mortal vehicle that carried us through our experiential days and nights of love and loss, learning or stagnation. Yes, there are souls who do not focus on learning all he or she can in each lifetime. Although no experience is wasted, no energy of opportunity, there are those lives in which the person could have more fully embraced the life offered to him or her.

We may stay in a coma for several hours, or days or even months. But eventually something will cause us to ‘cease to function’ and our heart will completely stop. The vital heat then completely leaves the body and the silver cord is cut. But what is the silver cord?

The silver cord is that bit of etheric substance that connects us to our mortal body. This cord connects our soul body to our mortal body, through our heart chakra. The seed atom of the soul resides in the heart chakra and once there no more vital heat, then the seed atom begins its exit process. This seed atom, houses all that we are, our memories, our ideas, perceptions, and our treasured experiences. This seed atom that encloses our soul is attached through the heart by means of etheric substance called The Silver Cord. Once this cord is cut then the mortal frame loses all of its energy, animation and life force. There is no coming back. Death has embraced the soul.

The soul may then experience in one massive flash of light, sound and emotion a comprehensive review of the life just lived. Once this is over, the souls immediately transitions into the 4th dimension or the Valley of the Shadow of Death. This is a dark place, with an often vague path of light. Souls need help getting past this darkness, this sooty grayness. This is why having The Crossing Over Prayer to help anyone is critically important. Help them find the light.

Written by Tina Erwin

Photography of Antelope Canyon by Tina Erwin. All Rights Reserved.



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