What does spiritual safety mean?The ability to create and be in safe environments is critical to our soul’s health and well-being. In our physical world, we put on a seat belt when we drive, we keep an eye on our toddlers and children while at the park, we keep our doors locked at night- for a reason! We all study and talk about safety and we hand down this knowledge to our children and our loved ones all the time. It’s a part of our natural, everyday conversations. Parents oftentimes talk to their children about “stranger danger”. This is wisdom and common sense.

Knowledge is power.

Why should this phrase be exempt when dealing with the paranormal?

When dealing with the ‘unseen’ world, the paranormal world, why should the issue of safety be any different? I recently made a post about a movie Tina and I watched called, Beware of Angels. In this post, I discussed how a group of people, from several organizations, blindly followed what spirit said and the results were chilling.

The concept of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” transcends dimension.

My intention of pointing this out was not to create fear, but to create an awareness, as I stated in that post. (Link)

When we visit the doctor, we see their credentials on the wall. Oftentimes, we ask friends or family for a referral. We look at online reviews, we do our homework so we can find someone we trust. Shouldn’t this also be true of a psychic or spiritual practitioner? Shouldn’t we be allowed to ask them questions?

Before I work with a client I tell them to look me up on the internet first. With an initial consult, I ask them to come with as many questions as possible. I am honest and will say if I don’t have an answer, I will tell you, “I don’t know.”

Last February, someone reached out to me about speaking at a paranormal convention in San Diego this coming summer. We said yes, filled out the application and gave them our bios and photos, connected on social medial profiles- the usual stuff.

However, right after my post on spiritual safety, I was told via an email, that we were no longer welcome to speak at their event, our values were not in alignment with theirs. This post scared them. Their response to my post was that “knowingness” was more important than what one studies.

Ignorance, while blissful at times, is also dangerous, especially in the unseen world. Studying and learning about how things work naturally increases our knowingness, intuition and our wisdom. Thanks to the microscope, scientists can now study how bacteria and viruses work. They have also determined the differentiating factors between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria/viruses. This knowledge keeps us safe in this ‘unseen’ world, as we cannot see viruses/ bacteria with the naked eye.

Everything happens for a reason, and we are grateful not to be a part of an organization that promotes ignorance, because ironically, that creates fear, prejudice and ultimately, erodes the balance of power between client and psychic.