Tools for Teaching the Living to Help the Dead

The Ghost Helper's Shop

      Helping the dead is a tremendous act of compassion and courage. If you are psychic and/or have a psychic child who sees ghosts or if you have inherited or purchased a haunted house, each of these tools will be of tremendous service to you and the dead. Each Crossing Over Prayer tool will help you to transition any soul you may encounter to find the light of the Heaven World. Reading Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View Trilogy, listed below, will offer deep insight into what it's like to be dead and desperately need this help. Give The Lightworker's Guide to Healing Grief  to anyone grieving.

  • Place The Crossing Over Prayer Card anywhere in your home, especially the bedroom, living room, closets and your car .
  • Take these cards to hospitals, funeral parlors, graveyards, if you have to go there.
  • Crossing Over Prayer key chains and magnets keep your car free of ghosts you may pass as you drive.
  • Real Estate Agents will be able to clear any home they encounter with the innocuous use of the key chain.
  • Luggage tags are invaluable for travel to any location, hotel or airplane.
  • Mailing our Prayer note cards are an easy way to help a friend who has a haunted location.
  • You may also want to consider using them in a grief situation.

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Energy Clearing Kit: Clearing ghosts and other entities

When it comes to truly clearing spaces of dark energy, sage and feathers do not have the spiritual horsepower needed to do the job. This kit comes with the essentials for clearing ghosts, dark entities and to raise your own personal frequency as well as your home, office, and car, for your protection.

  • Clearing Resin Blend: a unique proprietary blend of powerful ancient resins. We also include charcoal rounds, tongs and a small spoon.
  • Aura Cleanser: will help raise your frequency and enhance your auric field. This proprietary blend uses a variety of essential oils, gem elixirs and flower essences to give it the power to remove a range of dark energies.
  • Orange Essential Oil: is a powerful clearing tool.
  • Black Tourmaline Bracelet: black tourmaline is a powerful and protective stone useful for warding off negative energies.
  • The Crossing Over Prayer Cards: will cross over ghosts who are stuck between dimensions as well as negative entities that can harass the living.
  • Green Light Bulb: provides a unique type of protection.
  • Karma and Frequency: This book takes you to the next level in raising your frequency and explains how karma works in all of this.
  • A list of other tools to use around your home that will also help to clear and raise frequency.


Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View Book One

What is the difference between a ghost hunter and a ghost helper? Tina hears the ghosts' stories to get a better understanding as to why they have not crossed over. She also tells why this is so important.

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View Book Two

How does a person become a ghost and why doesn't everyone cross over into Heaven? By reading these stories you learn how to help ghosts cross over and how NOT to become a ghost yourself!

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts' Point of View Book Three

Gather up your courage and take a walk into the unknown land of the 4th dimension and hear what these ghosts have to say and the gratitude they feel as they are finally crossed over into Heaven.

The Lightworkers' Guide to Healing Grief

Grief happens. This book offers a myriad of tools to help from all perspectives~ from the person grieving to the people who want to assist. Be sure to read the helpful prayers! Even animals need help crossing over.