Attention fellow empaths! Sensitive to energies? Uncomfortable with EMF energies? We are thrilled to share with you a few items we have discovered that have been life changing for us. If you are sensitive to energies, check them out. They come with money back guarantees.

We find that both devices truly make sleep come faster; you feel clearer and brighter and some of the negative thought processes that affect all of us, just seem to disappear. They also help to reduce anxiety and EMF pollution.

Perhaps the most significant difference they make is that they keep negative entities from attaching and entering your home. And while neither company can say that, we are saying that this is what we have experienced.

Ormusite Scalar Energy Rest Shield 

We believe this is an amazing  machine. It truly makes your home a power spot.

Life Energy Designs 

These devices are designed to be portable so you can take them with you, in your car, office, or while traveling. They are especially helpful if you if you find yourself sensitive to energies and/or entities. They even have pendants for your beloved pets.  PLEASE USE COUPON CODE: KARMA