Tina and I were having this conversation a little while back about a ghost, Jolene, that one of us had helped to cross over. This soul, who was stuck between dimensions, was kind and sweet. In fact, Jolene went to church every week. But she felt guilty about something. After some probing, the source of her guilt left us a bit stunned. You see, Jolene grew up being told she was “born in sin”. She was told her entire life she was a sinner and she must repent for her sins. Since she was born in sin, surely she would die in sin. What’s the problem?

Because of this programmed belief system Jolene just ‘knew’ she was not worthy of God’s love. 

We realized that Jolene, a kind and sweet grandma, was a karmic opportunity. 

There is a bigger lesson here.

When a person commits a ‘sin’ they are then ‘guilty’ and guilt always seeks punishment. Her self-inflicted punishment was not feeling worthy of crossing over into the Heaven World… of going Home.

Back to the “What if” question.

What if we replace the word sin with karma. What if we are born in karma? If we are born in karma, this means we don’t have a life sentence of guilt hanging over us. This means that we have the power to change our future. This means we have hope. Most importantly, it means we grow spiritually. We are all spiritual beings, whether we admit it or not. 

We all create our karma because we all have free will in how we act and react to life around us. The truth is, karma is a powerful tool that is woven into every being throughout time and it represents the sun total of who we are, what we are in resonance with, offering us many lessons for spiritual growth. Many times these lessons come from the families with whom we choose to incarnate.

Thank you, Jolene and the many souls we have helped cross over throughout the years. Karma doesn’t waste energy and you gave us a valuable reminder of that.

Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne