How does The Crossing Over Prayer Help the Dead?

Transition into the Heaven World helps the dead for these critical reasons:

  • Often a soul does not realize he or she has died. Helping them to know this means that they can finally find peace.
  • Once they transition, the cold of death leaves them.
  • They are no longer alone.
  • Their confusion leaves them.
  • There is someone to talk to them, to help them. Their terrifying loneliness is gone.
  • The Prayer causes them to be showered in healing light immediately removing any fear they may have.
  • Any pain or suffering they may have experienced as death came will instantly be removed.
  • Fear, terror, guilt and shame that lingered with them as they left their body, is removed.
  • The dead grieve their own deaths, especially if the death was sudden, traumatic or violent. They receive comfort for their grief.
  • They can find the answers to emotional questions that eluded them in mortal life.
  • They can more appropriately communicate with the living through dreams or spiritually correct methods authorized by the Divine.
  • They can gain insight into the life just lived.
  • They receive healing for terrible physical or emotional pain they may have suffered in mortal life.
  • Attachment to mortal people is finally severed.
  • Release from attachment helps the living to heal their grief and the dead to move forward in soul evolution.
  • Holding on to a ghost harms them because it denies them powerful levels of spiritual healing.
  • The love mortal people send the dead can be better received and utilized when the soul has crossed over into the Heaven World.
  • Mortal people and ghosts accrue karma in both the 3rd and 4th dimension.
  • Ghosts accrue negative karma when they haunt the living.
  • Assisting any ghost to transition to the Heaven World is huge service because as the ghost enters Heaven, their karmic clock stops.
  • If the haunting is not deliberate the karma is mitigated.
  • Assisting the dead will be the compassion you will want for yourself.

By Tina Erwin


Assisting ghosts is tremendous spiritual service. This is truly the service that you will want for yourself.

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