How Do You Use The Crossing Over Prayer?

    There are many ways to use The Crossing Over Prayer.

We have made it as easy as we possibly can. All you have to do is simply place a card somewhere. You don’t have to say any special words or perform any rituals, just place a card. Consider this interesting story.

Using a key chain or luggage tag is another super easy way to provide powerful service. Wherever you go you will be helping the dead.

A friend of ours flew to Ireland recently and used The Crossing Over Prayer key chain and luggage tag. She also carried the prayer cards in her purse at all times. She kept the key chain attached to her purse and one of the tags was attached to her luggage. She visited places where hundreds of thousands of people died of plague in centuries past, and places where people were killed by a wide variety of methods. She felt that everywhere she went she was surrounded by angels not only helping all those souls she was encountering, but the angels were also protecting her as well.

Here are some great additional ideas. All of these Prayer Card items are available in

  • Place The Crossing Over Prayer Card anywhere in your home, especially the bedroom, living room, closets, garage and your car. I have place a framed one in a window that faces the street in front of my house.
  • I have left these cards to hospitals in hidden places.
  • Crossing Over Prayer key chains keep your car free of ghosts you may pass as you drive.
  • Real Estate Agents will be able to clear any home they encounter with the innocuous use of the key chain.
  • Luggage tags are invaluable for travel to any location, hotel or airplane.
  • Mailing our Prayer note cards is an easy way to help a friend who has a haunted location.
  • Spa and/or medical professionals may want to use the Prayer to remove the many souls who accompany clients.

Here is an additional link to the shop:

Let us know how you use them!

Written by Tina Erwin

Photography of The Cotswolds, United Kingdom, by Tina Erwin.  All Rights Reserved.

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