How Did The Crossing Over Prayer Come to Be?

It took me years to figure out how to help the dead. I had studied metaphysics all my life, encountered thousands of ghosts but had never understood just exactly how to help them. Some begged me for help, telling me I was supposed to know how to help them. Then one day a whole new psychic ability kicked in and I could hear the guidance necessary to open a doorway for ghosts to enter the Heaven World.

I was able to help thousands of souls find the light of the Divine with that understanding. Then I wrote the Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View series of books to help people to understand their need.

I was humbled by my ability to help them yet staggered by the volume of ghosts. Surely I couldn’t be the only one who could learn how to do this. And then one day, my cell phone broke. So while I was at the mall, waiting for my Apple store appointment with my business partner Laura, we wandered through a high-end handbag shop. As we left, we handed the manager a book card discussing my latest Ghost Stories book. She gasped and asked if we could clear her store. We were happy to help and gave her our business card should she have any future problems.

The next morning the manager called: they had more ghosts. Could I help again? But this time, I asked her to do an experiment with me. I offered to write a prayer for her to cross them over herself – an empowerment tool for the living to help the dead. She readily agreed.

So I sat down and wrote The Crossing Over Prayer. I think I felt so much love and compassion for the plight of the dead that the words simply flowed onto the page. I immediately shared it with the store manager. She used the prayer every morning for a week and her store was finally ghost free. But that wasn’t all. Her husband is a physician and ended up bringing home all kinds of dead people, so she used the prayer in her personal life.

Laura and I realized that the prayer works and we began to find ways to share it with everyone as a way of teaching the living to help the dead.

by Tina Erwin

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