How Does Someone Become a Ghost?

The path to becoming a ghost will happen to all of us and it is critical to understand the process so that we can each make our way to the crossing over point with grace and hope.

A human being dies by whatever means. The silver cord which attaches the soul to the mortal body is permanently severed.

Then the soul finds him or herself standing outside of  his or her body. Usually the fact that you continue to be who you are, who you have always been, comes as quite a surprise.

You are now a ghost.

You are now in the 4th dimension, a land of no time, no space and no gravity. You can travel with the speed of thought and you may find yourself ricocheting among friends, family members and places.

Usually a bright beam of light presents itself to you. FOLLOW THAT LIGHT. Ask an Angel to escort you to the crossing over point. Instantly you will find yourself in the Heaven World.

Now you are a soul in Heaven, not a cold, lonely, bewildered ghost, eternally wandering the darkness of the 4th dimension.

By Tina Erwin

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