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Have a Haunted House?

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We understand what it is like living in a haunted house. We know it's not fun or cool. It's exhausting and terrifying. We have taken our experiences and decades of learning and studying to help people just like you. You do not deserve to live like this. Help is here.

We also offer online classes to help you to understand what has happened to you after the clearing. Scientific based knowledge of the paranormal is critical to long term success. We believe it is critically important to lay down a scientific and spiritual logic trail so you can gain a greater understanding and take your power back from the elements of this "unseen" world. Write to us at:

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How We Help the Dead

We cross over the dead and clear property. We also clear many hundreds of years of predecessor energy. This is the energy of the dramas and traumas that people and places suffer that can dramatically impact anyone's property, whether or not it is a new build.

Because we remote view a location (look at a property through the 4th dimension), we are able to clear any property any where in the world.

The Energy Clearing Kit

Our Clear Kit is available through one of our Courses or if you have used our services to clear your property.

The Energy Clearing Kit is available through The Psychic Self-Defense course or is provided after we have cleared property.

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Clearing Property

We clear individual homes, offices and small businesses for $500 which includes the clearing kit. We also clear multi-family properties and raw land of 5 acres or more for $1000. This also includes The Clearing Kit.

How We Help the Living


Need direction on your spiritual path? Let us help. We have the ability to help you to understand things happening in your life and how to deal with them in a down-to-earth, logical manner. Try a single session for $150 or a 4 pack for $450. Write to us to set up a time:

How We Help Psychic Children


Have a psychic child? We can help! We teach you how to successfully parent a psychic child so that your life can return to normal. Try a single session for $150 or a 4 pack for $450. Write to us to set up a time:


"After Tina and Laura cleared our property, our entire family can now sleep at night."                                Courtney

"My son no longer sleeps in our bed because he is no longer terrifed of the night. So grateful!"                       Janet

"My 5-year old daughter could hear my father telling me to kill my sweet child. It was a never ending nightmare. My father was a murderer. I thought he would leave us alone when he died but he was still haunting us, even in death. Now that he is crossed over, both my daughter and I finally feel safe." Connie

I couldn't figure out why I kept having suicidal ideation. Finally, after Laura crossed over the 17 relatives I had, who committed suicide, I no longer feel like killing myself!  Joanna

After Tina cleared my house, the ghost no longer turned on the light for me. I was finally alone in my own home. John