Ghost Busting Myths

There are a lot of myths that we work to dispel about the dead. We work hard on this because we firmly believe that all souls need to cross over once they leave their physical, mortal body. Only when a soul crosses over, do they get to go HOME. Only when that happens, does the soul get the healing, soul restoration and counseling that they need for soul evolution.

Every culture throughout the history of our planet has words and terms for ghosts, angels, demons and a few other things. If they don’t exist, why is that? The myths and facts below are discussing in greater detail in the video below. and also contain true ghost stories to help illustrate these concepts.

Myth #1:

Ghosts are here because they have unfinished business.


Once we leave our physical body, our karmic time here is done, for now. Because of this, ghosts incur negative karma because they can and do (many times, unwittingly) interfere with, and can cause harm to, the living. They need help in crossing over. 

Myth #2:

When my loved one crosses over, they can still visit me anytime they want.


Spiritual Law stipulates the times when a loved one may communicate with us once they have crossed over. They may only visit us during their funeral or memorial. They can only contact us in our sleep state and occasionally keep us out of harm’s way. The truth is, they don’t come back here to vacation with us. They have other things they need to be doing for their own soul growth.

Myth #3:

Keeping my deceased loved one with me is good for them and me.


When a soul dies, they need to return HOME. Some people call it Heaven; it goes by many names. When a soul dies and does not cross over, they become a ghost. Ghosts reside in the lower astral, also known as the 4th dimension, and when this happens, they reincarnate here fractured and broken.


Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne