Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ghosts exist in every culture throughout the history of our planet. If they are not real, how can this be? 

What is a ghost?

A ghost is a person or an animal who has died not crossed over into the Heaven World.

How does someone become a ghost?

Einstein stated, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather it transforms from one form to another." This same concept holds true for our physical  bodies. What is the mechanism that animates the body? When we leave our physical body, what happens to the energy (soul) that animated it? That energy is transformed. When a person dies, there are basically two options: the soul crosses over into the Heaven World or he or she lingers in the 4th dimension, as a ghost.

Why is it important that a ghost cross over into the Heaven World?

When a soul lingers as a ghost, they do not have the opportunity to heal and have their soul restored. A ghost does not have the opportunity to heal and learn from the traumas and dramas of having lived a mortal life. 

Can anyone help the dead, or do I need to hire a medium?

On this website you will find Crossing Over videos and prayers that are specifically designed to help the dead cross over. We have had people from all over the world give us testimonies regarding the effectiveness of these Crossing Over Prayers. Using these prayers gives you your power back: you do not need to hire a medium to help a ghostly soul to cross over into the light of the Heaven World.

How will I know that the ghost is gone?

If you have been having trouble with ghosts, you will feel a subtle shift, as if something has left or feels different. If you have been bothered in the sleep state, that nightly haunting will have ended. Some people have reported that they feel lighter, brighter somehow. It feels great.

Once a ghost crosses over, can he or she return to visit me?

No. Current pop culture has many psychic mediums talking to the dead and they will tell the living that their loved one is fine. If a medium is talking to a ghost, that soul has not crossed over. Once in the Heaven World, a souls will not be returning to visit anymore.