The Crossing Over Prayer Videos

We have designed these Crossing Over Prayer Videos to be another powerful tool you can use to help the dead. Simply play the prayer that applies to your specific situation three times. They work regardless of your faith or lack of faith. You may feel a 'shift' in the energy of the space afterward. Whispered words of gratitude from those souls whom you have helped, is often reported. Even animals greatly benefit from crossing over as you will see in the last video.

And if you are having to use any of these videos, our hearts go out to you. May you be blessed for this powerful act of loving kindness.  Tina Ewin and Laura Van Tyne.

The Crossing Over Prayer©

This powerful prayer video will help ghosts cross over into the Heaven World. Only when ghosts have been embraced by the Divine, can their souls be restored. This prayer also works for ghosts you may not know, as well as beloved friends and family members. Play three times.

The Crossing Over Prayer for Suicide©

Suicide is devastating for the living and the dead. Crossing over these souls is a critical step in their spiritual healing because, sadly, the pain that dogged them in life does not leave them at death. Play the prayer at least three times. This prayer opens the energies of compassion for the living and the dead.

The Crossing Over Prayer for a Murdered Loved One©

When a loved one is murdered, you want to know: "Is my loved one alright? What happened to them after death, are they in Heaven?" This prayer releases your beloved from the darkness of their violent death. Take your power back in this situation and cross them over into the Heaven World. Play the prayer at least three times.


The Crossing Over Prayer for Animals©

The love and loyalty our animals provide us, makes their passing almost as devastating as the loss of a family member. Cross your beloved pet over into the Heaven World. Make this your last most compassionate act for them. This prayer will help your healing process as well.