Crossing Over Murdered Ghosts

Yes, you can help a murdered ghost.

“I like to think my sister is in a better place. I can’t bear to think about her murder, you know? It breaks my heart. She was such a good person. I guess she’s at peace now, but how would I know? Sometimes I can feel her with me, and it’s such a gray feeling, such sadness. Do you think she is at peace? Did she cross over?”

“My brother was murdered about ten years ago. I swear sometimes it feels like yesterday because the grief never seems to leave us. My mother has never recovered. I look at her and it’s as if she has this terrible dark gray look about her, as if when my brother was killed, it killed something inside of her as well. I know my brother is with her; I know he didn’t cross over. Can you help us? Is there anything we can do?”

“We bought this house and no one told us. I’m so mad at myself. I should have spoken to the neighbors. We tried to sue the real estate agent, but in this state, you don’t have to disclose that someone died in a house, much less that a serial killer lived here and murdered all of his victims here. I was so horrified when we pulled up the carpets and found the bloodstains that had soaked into the wood floors. I can feel all those women that man murdered all around us. I don’t know why we didn’t feel it when we walked through the house but we were in such a hurry, it was so cold, and there was no heat on, so we ran through, made a decision and bought it. Now we live in a nightmare every day and it got so bad, we had to move out. Now, we can’t sell it in good conscience without disclosing it. We’ve burned a ton of sage but nothing helps this feeling of horror that lives in this house. We don’t know how to help the dead and we have no idea how to live with the aftermath of the brutal murders of six women. Is there anything we can do?”

 Violence/murder against a living person instantly lowers that person’s frequency making it profoundly difficult for that soul to cross over. The severe trauma creates fear, loathing, horror, towering rage and grief in the victim, energies of such intensity that it becomes virtually impossible for that soul to cross over into the Heaven World.

Making this even more difficult, frequently the terrible hold that the murderer created over his or her victim means that whether the murderer is alive or dead matters little. That murderer continues to have a connection to that soul, keeping his victim on a leash that the victim is powerless to sever. Many people are murdered by the same murderer life after life with no end to the cycle. It’s a horrific concept but it is not without hope.

Horror houses are the stuff of myth and legend, because the fueling source for mysteries and spine tingling fear are the tethered ghosts who can never escape their murderers. But myth and legend do not offer the murdered any solace or relief. Psychics and thrill seekers spending the night in a ‘haunted house’ do nothing to help the dead, only adding to their torment, for it is not just the murderer who continues to hold these tortured souls, it is also the denizens of the Lower Astral who come at these people further prolonging their terror and pain. Like the photograph above, all they see are shadows and hints of light but no clear way out.

Ghost hunters and home owners would be wise to arm themselves with true tools of salvation by recognizing that they or anyone else has the power to help these imprisoned souls.

If your loved one was murdered, or you purchased a house where someone was murdered, now you can help them, in ways you couldn’t imagine before. We have two prayers to help these desperate souls.

Use The Crossing Over Prayer, (available on anywhere you think there may be a ghost, no matter how he or she died. If you are a ghost hunter, or if you purchased a home and the people who died there are unknown to you, you can simply use this prayer to help them to cross over. You can also thoroughly cleanse the energy of that location by using our Energy Clearing Kit also available by contacting us through

When someone you love is murdered, friends and family feel all the towering emotions of rage, injustice, sorrow and shock. There is also a feeling of helplessness, a deeply private, and supremely personal emotion. This overarching reaction is the sense of being powerless to help this murdered soul. This is untrue. Take your power back and help them. We created The Crossing Over Prayer for a Murdered Loved One to help you to help any friend or relative who was murdered. This prayer is available on and You can also clear your home of these heavy dark emotions and toxic energy, using our Energy Clearing Kit, also available by contacting us through

Take your power back. Help the dead to find the light of the Heaven World. Enable them to find healing, peace, light and safety. Break the century’s old recurring nightmare of reincarnating and being murdered again and again. Then clean and clear your spaces. Your life will feel better, your grief will be a modest bit more manageable and you will have preformed tremendous spiritual service.

Ghost Talk by Tina Erwin. Photography of Antelope Canyon by Tina Erwin. All Rights Reserved.





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