Spiritual Safety

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What does spiritual safety mean?The ability to create and be in safe environments is critical to our soul’s health and well-being. In our physical world, we put on a seat belt when we drive, we keep an eye on our toddlers and children while at the park, we keep our doors locked at night- for [...]

Soul Health and Healing

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Healing is our own personal responsibility. What people may fail to realize with this concept is that healing can take place over several lifetimes. There is no timetable for healing. No one escapes a mortal life without the need for healing on some level. Trauma and abuse happen. We are all free will beings and [...]


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I took one of my daughters and our dog to “Dog Beach” in Del Mar. While the two of them were running ahead to greet the plethora of happy leash-free dogs, I realized that it was my dad’s birthday. And when I thought that thought, I looked down at the sand. What I saw left [...]

The Truth About Sage

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It’s time to dispel some myths about sage. Sage has a long and rich history of being used medicinally and in foods. As Tina says, “It’s great for sausages and ceremonies.” In ancient Rome, people used sage to help with digestion, ulcers, sore throats and to help stop the bleeding of wounds. The Chinese use [...]


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Tina and I were having this conversation a little while back about a ghost, Jolene, that one of us had helped to cross over. This soul, who was stuck between dimensions, was kind and sweet. In fact, Jolene went to church every week. But she felt guilty about something. After some probing, the source of [...]

Ghost Busting Myths

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Ghost Busting Myths There are a lot of myths that we work to dispel about the dead. We work hard on this because we firmly believe that all souls need to cross over once they leave their physical, mortal body. Only when a soul crosses over, do they get to go HOME. Only when that happens, does the soul get the [...]

What Happens When I Die?

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What happens when you die? Do you know this answer? If you don’t know this answer, you are not alone. Most people have no idea what the mechanics of dying are. The irony is that we are all going to experience this process. So it is a great idea to understand the mechanics of [...]

What is a Ghost?

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When a person dies and they do not cross over, that soul energy becomes a ghost. They no longer have the physical shell called the human body. (This applies to animals as well.) The energy/vibration/frequency of a ghost is low. The low frequency of a ghost echoes out. If you have a ghost ‘living’ with [...]